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MPower Biz Account

With a current account that offers Zero COT, pays you interest and gives you access to business-changing market information, Mpower Biz is the ideal account for keeping your cost down and your finances up. The Product is specially designed to add value to business oriented people, Small & Medium business owners such as sole-traders, entrepreneurs and professional firms. Whatever your aspirations, Mpower Biz will keep you well ahead in today’s business world.

Global Heritage Private Bank SME Toolkit

With the Mpower Biz account you enjoy the benefit of our new financial planning toolkit "theGlobal Heritage Private Bank SME Toolkit". It is a financial service tool that will help business owners start, grow, and manage their businesses more effectively. It is a web based one stop shop that will enhance your business performance and enable you to

Personal Current Account

Personal current account is designed to meet your specific banking needs. With its wide range of flexibility, Personal current account give you everything you need to manage your money whenever you want, day or night, and even apply for an overdraft online. We deliver flexible account types that are suitable for any individual status. Who or however you, there is always an account type just for you.


  • Reduced cost of business transacting
  • Financial advisory services
  • Annual business seminars
  • Free Business intelligence report.
  • Have greater control over cash flow and finances.
  • Identify areas where profit can be maximized.
  • Make short and long term plans.
  • Grow sales and earn higher revenues.
  • Make additional cost savings.